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Funding possibilities

Besides funding the Danish Cancer Society's own Research Center, we also fund scientific research projects, postdoc fellowships, stays abroad, scholarships and other activities concerning cancer research.

The applications must be filled in, in the application system and then submitted to the Danish Cancer Society's funding committees.

Once you have dertermined the type of application you are submitting, you can read the associated guidelines on how to apply, and see the application deadline.

Following possibilities for funding are available:

Experimental, Clinical and Epidemiological Cancer Research

Psychosocial Cancer Research (in Danish)

NCU - Nordic Cancer Union

'Knæk Cancer' funds (in Danish) 

Congresses and Symposiums (in Danish)

'Johannes Clemmesen Research Fund' (in Danish)

'Spogárds Family Fund' (in Danish)

Junior Researcher Award 2020 - deadline for nominations: 13 December 2019